Savello Sheep cheese


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Savello Sheep cheese

Savello di Roma is one of the oldest cheeses available originating from the Roman countryside. Named after Mount Savello situated between the banks of the Tiber River and the “Bocca Della Verita”, this two-thousand-year-old traditional 100% sheep’s milk cheese has particular characteristics, such as its definite aroma and a slightly sharp but mild taste that has improved with time.

A semi-hard, semi-cooked cheese made with lamb’s rennet, is cured with salt and aged over 60 days in natural grottos on Beachwood boards. The cheese-making process results in a white or slightly yellow color. The rind is smooth and even. A firm but not grainy texture makes it a perfect choice for both the antipasto platter and your favorite panini sandwich. A milder cheese to be enjoyed any time of the day

Sold by 1 Lb, packed with dry ice, and shipped with a 1-2 day Shipment option. 

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