Sangue di Giuda “Il Traditore”


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Grapes: Croatina, Barbera and Uva Rara
Training system: Guyot
Vines per hectare: more than 4.000
Vineyards orientation: south, south-east

The grapes, harvested by hand in the vineyards surrounding the winery, are destemmed and crushed. The must ferments in contact with the skins at a controlled temperature for a period of time different from year to year. We use selected yeasts to start the alcoholic fermentation. The fermentation is stopped to keep the desired level of residual sugar. The skins are then removed. Noble tannins are added to enhance the body and the elegance of the wine. Once the fermentation is completed, the wine is cooled down to a low temperature and is clarified. The natural bubbles are produced by secondary fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless-steel autoclaves. The fermentation is started using selected yeasts. The wine is then filtered, stabilized and bottled.

Tasting notes

Sight: deep red with purple highlights.
Nose: intense, winey nose with fruity and floral notes.
Palate: pleasantly smooth with a touch of sweetness.
Suggested pairings: dessert wine that pairs very well with tea biscuits and fruit or jam tarts.
Service temperature: 12-14 °C

Alcohol: 7,5% (the alcohol content may vary slightly from one vintage to another).

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