Salame Napoli Rovagnati


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Salame Napoli Rovagnati

Salame Napoli
is a mix of two different minces:
lean, brick red-colored meat, and white fat. The lean pork meat is minced and smoked with seasoned wood before encasing.On the palate,
this salami has a sweet and characteristic smoky-spicy taste. Salame Napoli has a cylindrical, elongated shape.

Ā«The OriginalĀ» is a fusion of Italian tradition
fragrances and flavors, that result in the finest quality salami range produced by Rovagnati. With our slow curing process controlled daily by our Master Salami Specialist and our blend of spices, this typical Italian Specialty develops its characteristic taste and aroma. Italian tradition enjoyed in the US.

Sold by 1 Lb, packed with dry ice, and shipped with a 1-2 day Shipment option.

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