Ricotta Salata Locatelli


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Ricotta Salata Locatelli

The mild and rich sheep’s milk cheese adds a luxurious edge to your life. Made with only the finest sheep’s whey that’s been cooked and aged for 90 days, Locatelli Ricotta Salata has a deliciously bright and creamy taste with a slightly firm texture and snow-white hue. It’s fantastic shaved on pasta, diced in salads, or paired with fruit for dessert or a snack. Fun fact: This cheese gets its name from the word “ricotta “which means re-cooked and “salata” which means salted.

  • Texture: Slightly Firm
  • Flavor: Bright and Creamy
  • Milk Source: 100% Whole pasteurized sheep’s milk
  • Aged: 90 days

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