Prosecco DOC Extra Dry


GRAPE VARIETY:: Glera 100%.

ORIGIN: Pramaggiore, our own vineyards.

SOIL TYPE: Medium texture, clayey.

VINIFICATION: White vinification of grapes through soft pressing followed by cold decantation. The resulting must is transferred to steel vats where fermentation is completed over 10 days at a controlled temperature of 18-20 °C on carefully selected yeasts. The “basic” wine is placed in prise de mousse pressure tanks where it ferments for 18-20 days on active yeasts at a controlled temperature of 14-16 °C. When the required overpressure is reached (approx. 6 bar) the mass is cooled to -4 °C to stop fermentation and aid stabilization. It is then held at a controlled temperature for at least one month so that it can mature naturally on the yeasts. At the end of this period, the wine undergoes filtering and isobaric bottling.

COLOR: Straw color with fine, lingering perlage.

SCENT: Delicate scents of flowers and white pulp fruit.

FLAVOUR: The flavor is pleasantly soft with good acidity and sapidity which makes this wine easy to drink.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: A versatile wine, easy to drink and particularly good as an aperitif, with entrees and appetizers in general, and with cheese and fat-free processed meat. Ideal throughout the meal, with either fish or white meat.