Pinot Nero 2016 DOC “Albertina”

This wine is dedicated to “Albertina”: Giulio’s wife, Luciano’s mother and Marta’s grandmother.
It is a wine that brings us back to the history of the winery (in Angoris Pinot Nero has been produced since the ’70) and to the family Locatelli: Albertina (as Giulio) was a decisive figure of this historical Friulian family.



Medium intensity ruby note


Complex and elegant olfactory framework that ranges from spices to ripe red fruit, with light notes of field flowers.


Fresh, spicy, sapid, rightly tannic, harmonious and inviting

Serving Suggestion

Mixed boiled meats, white poultry meat, baked pork, medium-aged cheeses

Serving Suggestion Temperatures

18 °C, 64°F

13% ALC


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