Pietradolce Passito Rosso

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Pietradolce Passito Rosso


Le riserve

This highly prestigious wine is produced exclusively from hillside vineyards, whose finest grapes are left to raisin on mats after being harvested. The wine undergoes a long aging process before being served, first in oak barrels and then in bottles in underground cellars.


Corvina, Rondinella, other indigenous or recommended varieties to finish.

VINEYARD: geographical position and characteristics

The vineyards are situated in the northwest part of the arc of hills in the province of Verona, in the classic Valpolicella area. The average age is 20 years and reaches 35 years for some Corvina vines. The hilly Neolithic calcareous soil is thin and stony.

SYSTEMS: method and density

Simple pergoletta veronese with 3,500 vines/hectare.

VINTAGE: time and method

At the beginning of October, when slightly over-ripe. The grapes are harvested manually, selecting the finest bunches for subsequent raisining.

After careful raIsining, the grapes undergo a soft destemming and crushing process at the beginning of February; the must and marc are then fermented for a long time. Successively, after several rackings, the wine is transferred to special large oak barrels for an aging process that lasts more than 3 years. A small part, about 15%, is aged in barriques: when added back to the wine in the large barrels it transmits its special characteristic hints. Finally, the PietrAmara is bottled but is only put on sale 6-8 months later when the aging process has finished.


Robust, full and warm, the bouquet recalls black cherries in alcohol, licorice, and leather and has a slight hint of wood. Excellent with roasts and game, also ideal with very mature and/or piquant cheeses. Unbeatable when sipped during a convivial conversation at the end of a meal. We recommend uncorking the bottle a few hours before drinking or “oxygenation” with a decanter. Serve at 18-20°C.

BOTTLE: technical data on bottling

Alcohol        15.10

Residual sugar   7 grams/liter

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 34 cm


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