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The Passata or Italian tomato puree by Mutti is a delicious concoction made from Italian sun-ripened tomatoes seasoned with Mediterranean sea salt.

Passata is a unique Italian tomato puree made from freshly harvested tomatoes, one of the country’s favorite fruit. First imported in Italy in the 16th century, the red fruit was considered poisonous and didn’t have much reputation or use in the kitchen. However, after the first half of the 1800s, tomatoes and tomato sauces became an irreplaceable part of Italian cuisine. The fruit even became one of the main ingredients of Tuscany’s Cucina Povera. Italy stands out with its abundance of different tomato varieties, such as Roma, Pisanello, San Marzano, Pachino – and every one of them has its own flavor profile and use in the kitchen. You can find more  Italian Passata in our carefully curated collection!

Mutti is a leading Italian brand producing the finest quality tomato-based products for more than a century. Founded 120 years ago by Giovanni Mutti, the brand has become synonymous with quality, tradition, and trust – always keeping its customer’s best interests in mind; Mutti has mastered the crop rotation technique, an innovative method for cutting down chemical fertilizers.

Passata by Mutti will add velvety texture and subtly sweet flavors to your homemade pizza, pasta dishes, and your favorite stews, too. This product will go beautifully with your meatballs, casseroles, and even Bloody Mary mix!

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