Moscato D`Asti DOCG San Carlo

This sensational wine is produced in Piedmont with 100% Moscato Bianco. The vineyards are trained with the Guyot method. The winemaking starts with soft pressing, followed by decanting and storage at a controlled temperature. The fermentation is managed in an autoclave and it is followed by the aging, that lasts between 20 and 40 days, depending on the harvest. In the last years “Moscato d’Asti” has grown up, increasing its quality level. It is able to tell the history of its territory and it is always a synonym of the holiday, as it is perfect to accompany Christmas and its delicious sweets.


Features of “Moscato d’ Asti DOCG San Carlo” by Montalbera

Gold yellow color surrounded by a wide and characteristic perfume that recalls wisteria, linden, peach, apricot and balsamic sensations. The taste is typical of the variety, with hints of sage and orange fruits.


Recommended food pairings while tasting this white wine

Excellent conclusion of a pleasant meal, especially if it’s Christmas: It is fabulous with the typical sweets that accompany this happy event like “pandoro and panettone”. It has to be served at 8°C in a high, tapered wine glass. The alcoholic strength reaches 5,5 % Vol.


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