Mix Italian Olives


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Mix Italian Olives

This is a mix of Italian olives containing Castelvetrano, Taggiasca and White Gaeta olives.

Castelvetrano olives are green olives hailing from Sicily, famed for their sweet and fruity flavor and their crunchy texture.

Taggiasca olives are typical of Western Liguria. They have a medium-small size and often grow in a variety of colors, ranging from green to purple to deep brown.

What makes the White Gaeta olives interesting, is that they are picked before they are mature, hence the name “white”, even if their color ranges between green and golden yellow.

Our mixed Italian olives make a perfect appetizer for any meal!

Sold by 1 Lb, packed with dry ice, and shipped with a 1-2 day Shipment option.

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