Malbec Marca Trevigiana


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Malbec Marca Trevigiana

Grape: Malbec (Argentinian clone)

Location: Ponte di Piave, Via Calderba and Via Salute
(just behind the winery)

Low environmental impact integrated pest
control as a replacement for systemic pesticides
and chemical fertilizers. Leaf thinning is
performed after bloom. We perform minimally

Cold pre-fermentation maceration at 13 °C.
Cold fermentation at 22 °C for 7 days. A
selection of the pressings is employed.

A full ruby red wine that shows its great
character. The aromas are fruity and spicy.

Tannin-rich it is pleasant and agreeable.
It complements charcuterie, white meats
and pork-inspired dishes of the Venetian

A great accompaniment to quality meals.

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