Don Paolo Aglianico Pompeano 2005


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Ancient roots play an important role in the philosophy of the Sorrentino company but this does not prevent the Company’s ability to experiment with new projects and introduce innovations. Aglianico Pompeiano, known also as Don Paolo, is an example of a rare wine balance between meticulous care in the cultivation of vines and impeccable work in the cellar. The complementary application of traditional winemaking techniques and of more modern and experimental techniques makes the Sorrentino Company one of the most active and vibrant wineries involved in the search for the best wine quality.
The manual grape harvest in vented crates, the loving care towards the plants, the silence in which the aging process takes place in the barrels are all ancient wisdom gestures that belong to centuries past. The destemmer, filtering and re-assembly technologies, the scientific viticulture treatments,
the Sorrentino laboratory enological work is the natural evolution of a passion that anticipates the times and that makes the best use of the most advanced techniques of winemaking.

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