Don Paolo Aglianico Gold Edition 2010


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Don Paolo Aglianico Gold Edition 2010

The “Aglianico Don Paolo” wine is an Aglianico, certainly one of the most important wines produced by the Sorrentino company. The Sorrentino company is located in one of the most beautiful wine areas in the province of Naples and in the Campania region in general. Sorrentino’s “Aglianico Don Paolo” wine, as Aglianico, stands out for its characteristic and original organoleptic profile at the same time. Sorrentino’s “Aglianico Don Paolo” is red, still and dry wine, vinified from Aglianico grapes in the context of the typologies provided for by the denomination. The Sorrentino company has been included in the Quattrocalici Wines Guide because it is one of the most important wineries in the province of Naples. The area where the Sorrentino winery is located is historically suited for viticulture. In particular, the numerous awards obtained by farms in the province of Naples have further stimulated producers to invest in the territory to make the most of its production potential, to constantly improve quality and face new markets. The wines of the Sorrentino company and in particular the Aglianico “Aglianico Don Paolo”, are characterized by the right sugar and alcohol content and by a good fixed acidity, which helps to enhance the aromas and to maintain them over time. The Sorrentino winery produces about bottles of the “Aglianico Don Paolo” wine, testifying to the importance that this wine has in the context of the company’s production.

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