Amarone della Valpolicella RISERVA ” Collezione”

The exceptional vintage of 2004 has allowed the production of a very special Amarone. It is difficult to match the fullness and warmth of this powerful wine, produced as a result of its unique ageing which has enhanced its subtle plummy aromas with hints of liquorice. It is soft and well-balanced on the palate. Only a limited availability.


Corvina, Rondinella and other local varieties traditional to this wine.


The vines are situated in the hills of Sant’Ambrogio in the historic heart of the Valpolicella. The average age is 20 years reaching 35 years with some of the Corvine vines. The terrain is on neolithic hillsides where the soil is thin and stony with limestone deposits.


Simple Veronese pergola system with 3,500 vines/hectare


At the beginning of October after a slight overripening of the grapes. The harvest is done manually by careful selection of the best grapes to be put aside for ‘appassimento’ or air-drying.


After drying for a suitable length of time, the grapes are destemmed in the first days of February and soft-pressed. The must then ferments on the skins for a long time, following which, after a number of transfers, the wine is moved to suitably sized oak casks for prolonged ageing. After bottling, the Amarone is further refined for a year in the bottle to allow it to show its best attributes on opening.


A full-bodied wine, with great warmth, it is an ideal accompaniment to all meats, especially roasts, fillets and game. This wine is excellent with all hard cheeses and is wonderful as a wine for contemplation to be sipped during after-dinner conversations.


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