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AV Affiliated Marketing Agreement


This Affiliated Marketing Agreement (“Agreement”) is made by and agreed to between Antonio & Vittoria Enterprise LLC (“AV”), located at 247 Island Beach Blvd, Merritt Island, FL 32952, USA, and you (“You”). Antonio & Vittoria Enterprise was born as a distribution platform of Italian and European specialized food guaranteeing high quality of our products with offers and packages that help our Affiliates in creating content by earning on global sales made.

Services & Benefits

AV Enterprise offers various services that aim to optimize the work done by the Affiliate by integrating high quality products into the platform, from savory to sweet, typical products and even wine and beer.

Here are some of the advantages of being our Affiliate:

  • We offer packages of Authentic Italian products to make Professional and Traditional video recipes that are easy to reproduce through the videos that we will send directly to the Affiliates so that they can be taken as an example for the procedure.
  • The ability to create custom recipe kits requested by our Affiliate in case of special events. 
  • When an Affiliate makes a sale to the final customer, the latter will remain forever (as long as the Affiliate continues and renews the contract with our company) a customer of the Affiliate allowing him to earn even on the purchase of any other product sold on site including wine and beer. The Affiliate will have a dedicated Support Center with a WhatsApp number for use with a text message service
  • We offer a very subsidized commission plan with flat fees on our entire range of products from sweet to savory up to beer and wine:

Basic Category (monthly receipts from $0 to $ 5000 ) 8% commissions

Pro Category (monthly receipts from $7001 to $15000) 10% commission

Expert Category (monthly receipts over $15001) 15% commission

  • Affiliate sales levels will be calculated based on the average sales per month, calculated over a three month period. This audit is repeated quarterly to ensure an accurate assessment of the Affiliate and their compensation.
  • A V Enterprise reserves the right to modify some aspects such as prices, quantities, shipping times and other aspects based on the market and current transports which may affect changing prices, quantities and times.
  • The Affiliate agrees to display the Affiliate link provided by AV Enterprise in various social and sales channels. 
  • When an affiliate creates content with our video recipe kits, he must purchase a video recipe kit and show it in all the details by highlighting the affiliate link in his content in order to entice his customers to buy the video recipe kit.
  • For obvious reasons of transport and/or other problems the order is refunded, the Affiliate will not be recognized any commission inherent in the same sale. 
  • AV Enterprise assumes responsibility for Shipment & Handling.
  • Commission payments will be made via Direct Deposit and will be calculated based on the quarterly result of sales on the different levels: Basic, Pro, Expert.
  •  AV Enterprise reserves the right, where an Affiliate does not comply with the rules of this agreement to expel an Affiliate from the Program after 2 email notices.
  • It is absolutely forbidden for an Affiliate in case of termination and/or expulsion from the Affiliate Program to disclose bad information about AV Enterprise


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